Vinnare i fototävlingen sport/action photos

Här kommer vinnarna i fototävlingen sport/action bilder, utsedda av Anthony Cake. Läs vinnar motiveringarna under varje bild.

Första pris – Per Henriks foto av Tim

Anthonys motivering: “Good use of shutter speed freezing the spray as the child enters the water. Very sharp focusing as well.”

Andra pris – Carolas foto av Adelina

Anthonys motivering: “The only sports entry and a razor sharp picture of a runner running towards the camera – not easy. What kept it off of a gold medal spot was distracting background.”

Tredje pris – Karolinas foto av Malva

Anthonys motivering: “Only just meets the brief as an action or sports shot. But is a great picture, you just know that the little girl is about to fall over again.”

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