Ladies Handball Sweden vs Norway – Gästbloggare OS 2012 Seema Khehar

Seema Khehar gästbloggar om OS-handboll.

On 30 July, I went along to the Copperbox to watch the ladies handball – Brazil versus Montenegro – a fast and furious game that Brazil just took and then more importantly for your audience, the next game was Sweden versus Norway.

The Copperbox is a cool venue and was full! The Swedish supporters were there but much quieter than the Norwegians who had an army of supporters dressed in Red and White t-shirts and wait for it ….. Forget Vuvuzelas …..these guys had a worse instrument for noise torture! They each had a cow bell and rang it and sang what sounded like “comm bien Norway” at every opportunity.

Call it fate but I was sat bang next to the Norwegian supporters and my ears were objecting so my party and I fought back by cheering every Swedish goal even after my nephew was offered a bell to join in the din…..I used to like the sound of Alpine cow bells but oh boy not any more.

Sadly despite our loudest cheers Sweden were not looking the stronger team and struggled to score (the goalie for Norway was very strong). After half time the pace picked up and Sweden especially in the last 10 mins made a superb effort scoring 3 times in minutes but sadly it was just not enough and Norway also scored again and the goalie made some superb saves so Norway went on to win the game.!


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